FID offers financial assistance through competitive loans and seed grants, as well as vocational training, to support and grow local businesses. Here are the projects in which we are currently involved.

Family Medicine Clinic and Medical Center

Set to open its doors in 2016 in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, this clinic will not only provide quality low-cost healthcare to community, but will also serve to train local medical residents and physicians in evidence-based medicine. In partnership with STLI, we will work with local medical schools as well as the local medical residency program to provide practical training for medical professionals.

A related medical center currently offers dental services and will launch additional medical services in the future, including ophthalmology, pathology, radiology, and physical and occupational therapies.

Egg Business

This venture provides comprehensive training for locals wanting to raise chickens and farm eggs and also produces chicken feed. Training includes instruction on how to build chicken coops; life stages of chickens and how body weight and feed amounts vary according to age; ideal living conditions for fowl; cleaning the animals; and many other related topics. As an example, one man who completed training has been able to pay back almost all of his loan and successfully began his own egg-farming business, including construction of a coop with a capacity of chickens.

Furniture Making

The furniture business involved making tables, chairs, and other pieces. This project was launched to provide locals with meaningful jobs; the furniture was often given as wedding presents to newlyweds. In one case, one local man with prior experience was able to restart his furniture business with financial backing from FID.


Support from Focus ID allowed a local man to start a farming business, with cucumbers as the main crop.

GTS Project

This is an IT business that focuses on supply and logistics and creates enterprise resource planning software. Currently, the business receives some financial support from Focus ID.

Sandwich Shop

The sandwich shop began with the intent to provide a healthy dining option for the community and eventually became a place for locals to spend time with their family and friends. The sandwiches were made from scratch every morning, including the bread, and deliveries were made to various stores and outlets for resale.