Who We Are

Focus ID is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that supports the development of sustainable and successful local businesses in Central Asia and other developing countries for the purpose of improving quality of life for workers and clients. We focus on businesses that help the local economy, healthcare, education, and technology. The staff currently consists of volunteers, who receive guidance from a board of directors.

What We Do

FID offers financial assistance through competitive loans and seed grants, as well as vocational training, to support and grow local businesses. We also offer some travel assistance for industry experts to assist in business development. Some of the businesses FID has supported thus far include ones in furniture manufacturing, food service, and medicine. Read more about them here.

Our History

FID was incorporated in February of 2008 by four founding board members and is a non-profit organization, registered in California. It received 501(c)3 status the following year and added three additional board members in 2013. FID is overseen by a board of directors, all living in the US, and has received donations and grants from individuals and other non-profit organizations to further its cause. FID’s work is currently focused on Kyrgyzstan, in Central Asia, with a vision to eventually expand to other regions of the world.